New "Gay TV" Rating Proposed

People For the American Way Foundation Wednesday reacted to an apparently serious proposal by the Christian Action Network that would require placing a scarlet letter on all television shows that contain "homosexual content."

"What they're proposing goes far beyond current warning labels that alert viewers to explicit adult content," said PFAWF President Carole Shields. "This is an obvious attempt to stigmatize an entire group of Americans."

The Christian Action Network announced that it would launch a grassroots campaign to have its "HC" warning label placed on all programming with "homosexual content." It claimed in a press release that "more than two dozen homosexual characters" are portrayed weekly on network television alone (presumably, this figure includes Tinky Winky the Teletubby, who was "outed" without his permission last week by the Rev. Jerry Falwell).

"The sad fact that groups on the fringe of American politics would seek to target gay and lesbian TV characters in this manner points out how far we still have to go to achieve the American dream of justice," Shields said. "With this proposed content rating, the Christian Action Network seeks to put a slanderous smear on gay and lesbian Americans."

People For the American Way Foundation

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