"Naturally Gay"

by Ron Adams

"Why am I gay?" This was the most important question that I ever asked myself. As for my coming out, it wasn't so important to answer that question, as it was to come to my own conclusion: "I am naturally gay."

This realization was at the core of my being. It was my own personal realization. I am glad I took this step to reclaim my individuality. This was the beginning of my spiritual awakening. We live on the Planet Earth. Consumer culture in the later half of the 20th Century treats the Earth and her environment as if our world were disposable. In the industrial age resources are viewed as limited, and competition rules the market place. How are the Earth and being Gay related?

I have read the book "Gay and Gaia, Ethics, Ecology and the Erotic" by Daniel T. Spencer. I was inspired by this book. I won't begin to say what Daniel means. His book is very technical and hard for the layperson to follow. I understand that he wanted to write it this way to have his piece respected as serious work.

I believe that, as feminist theory points out, the Dominant Male Patriarchy ranks everything in a hierarchy of resources: what is important, what is needed, what is disposable. Women, children, plants & animals, gays & indigenous people rank at the lower end of the list. It is queer, that this kind of consciousness is limited to seeking "sameness" as a kind of "power". It is a separatist attitude. Gays represent diversity. The diversity of nature and other cultures is what contribute to the richness of life. Ken Wilbur talks about Integral Consciousness, seeing out relatedness by respecting our individuality and sameness.

Instead of seeing the Patriarchal attitudes as the "enemy", it is better to discern "them" as representing limited thinking. "Their" idea of sameness is an idea of confirming, being right, not about individual diversity. The narrow reductionism is what is causing pollution, class struggle, prejudice and terrorism. The fight over the "haves" and "have nots" is ultimately the greatest illusion, biggest game on the Planet, and is called the Old Paradigm.

Gay's tend to look for acceptance from society, their tribe. A lot of times we find hate and rejection. It is a big world. Gay culture is emerging because of overpopulation. It is emerging because of the "hate" of the religious right. It is emerging because gays are finding their own independence outside the tribe, even creating communities and message boards on the Internet.

How ironic. The Greeks once used the argument that gay love was unnatural, and that this is what made us superior to nature and animals. Man could rise above his conditioning, where animals couldn't, and choose to love other men. This love to the Greeks was seen as the ultimate love. Now we've come full circle in this Greek tragedy. Christian fundamentalists use this same argument to say gays are unnatural to God, and therefore forbidden.

When it comes to the erotic, and love...if we see sex as just another appetite to be filled then it is just another need or resource that is limited, and we fear losing it. In this competitive framework, of course there is not enough love to go around. Sex is competition, conquest, and war.

If life were seen in all its myriad of forms, the diversity of each gift, each form of life has to offer, then we would begin to glimpse the abundance of Nature. Life is a Cornucopia. Love is unconditional. Life is an adventure.

Then we can stop ranking each other in some professional, hierarchy, and try to see where someone is on the path. Then life is the great teacher, and gays have a reason & purpose just like any one else on the planet. This creates a new respect for global diversity. And at this time of crisis, cracks open the door to the reality there could be more than one solution to a problem. There could be more than one right way. Nature and her diversity can teach us again about how we all fit into an ecosystem. Then perhaps we can look once again at cooperation. Since all things in life affect each other, like a web or network, we can get back into our natural time, natural path, and natural way of being. This is much a spiritual growth as well as environmental.

I guess then that there is more than one way to be "naturally gay."

Ron Adams is a writer and professional psychic, 43 years young gay man. He is writing a book called Gay Ethics, An Idea Whose Time Has Come, which Naturally Gay is a selection from. Ron has created a Gay Forum on Delphi, called Gay Icarus. Visit url to join: "http://www0.delphi.com/gayicarus/". Ron has been involved with starting some Gay Men's Spiritual Groups in Denver, Colorado.

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