By Devon Baker

Well, I don't have anyone to keep me occupied
And my obsession has hurled me into depression.
So I slowly fade away into the land of unawareness
Oh...it's actually quite nice there
I think it is because I Rule there,
In my own world.
But then one day I got stuck
It took me 2 months to get completely back out
Yeah...it got a little scary for a bit.
But I'm out now.
And I still go back for visits every once in a while
For example at a time like this,
When I thought I was over you.
I learned differently.
I see you every night in my dreams.
It seems to me
That when I thought my love for you had ended
It had really only begun
So now I have this sick said feeling of being

My name is Devon Baker. I have written before under the name Gabrielle East and I must confess I do feel a bit guilty about not telling my real name. But now I am being honest. I am 16 years old. I am Bisexual. And I love to write and think.

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