April 1999

Hey folks. I don't have much to say this month.....not a whole lot happening here.

Well, one thing happened earlier this week that is evidence of what an idiot I am. My school has all this technology and stuff, so we broadcast the morning announcements over an in-school TV channel. I'm in the Broadcast Journalism class that puts on the announcements, and this week I was anchor. So I was sitting up at the desk, reading stories, whatever, before the announcements, and I dropped a pencil. Got down under the desk, picked it up, and -- being a graceful person -- ran my hand into my chair, dropping the pencil again. So I said what I generally say when I do something like that -- "FUCK" -- and then, "Oh, shit, I said that out loud." Unfortunately, I said it right into the microphone, which happened to be on, and broadcasting to the entire school. Oops.

Other than that, my only major complaint is about stupid people (actually, that's not my only major complaint, but I don't want to bore you by just bitching for a couple pages). I was talking to this "friend" -- actually, not really talking, mostly it was me bitching that all of my teachers decided to assign homework for the first time ever on Tuesday, the only day I really want to watch TV (Tuesday is Spin City and Will & Grace night -- anyone else out there like Will&Grace? I think Jack's fabulous...).

Him: Oh, what do you watch?

Me: Will & Grace and Spin City.

Him: Oh...it's so annoying how they have to have a gay character on *every* show now, isn't it?

Me: (silent, staring at him, raising one eyebrow...)

Him: (not getting the message) I mean...it started with Ellen, and now they have to put a gay person on every new show, and it's getting boring....

I showed a great deal of restraint and refrained from lunging across the table and strangling him. Actually, I'm quite proud of myself -- no physical violence, and I didn't say, "Oh yeah, the poor straights -- they're just getting pushed out of TV, aren't they? Gays are just like all those other damn minorities, taking over everything. It's horrible..." I find it interesting how threatened members of privileged groups are by signs of progress for oppressed groups. It's not surprising, I suppose -- after all, if you benefit from an unfair advantage, you have to wonder how you will do without it.

So then, these groups whine about being pushed out, complain about "reverse discrimination," "heterophobia", or whatever, bitch and bitch and bitch real loud -- and try to reverse any progress that has been made. I'm not quite sure what the connection between the beginning and end of that paragraph was, but if you got it, great :).

Time for me to go now. It's not quite the deadline, but I'm leaving tomorrow for Spring Break -- Yeah!!! As always, I'd love to hear from you. Email me at Osiris999@aol.com.

David, 15, lives in Lubbock, Texas -- "All I wanna see is Lubbock, Texas in my rearview mirror....." is his personal quote for the moment (if that went way over your head, he understands). He needs to find a new dress...something fun...something tight.....

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