Snowy Gilchrist

April 1999

Everybody have a bit of Magic about themselves!

Sometimes you think you know everything about people sometimes - I know I have said so in the last column or is it two columns before? I can't really remember anything. One thing you must know about me is that I forget things really easily - but once given little clues or hints, I recall everything at once.

Some people think I just forget things and that I can't recall things at all - once a sly shit-walker tried to trick me into thinking that I have done something wrong, that he was "trying to help me" so I was really furious therefore I recalled literally everything, even his exact words so I left him quite speechless.

Right down to the point. There is one time when I met Scott.

I recall from the first day when I cast my eyes on Scott, a cute sweet-faced guy with dirty-blonde hair. It was at Kingsway College where we were filling in registration forms so on. He was sitting across the classroom with Frank Nieto, my European Studies & History lecturer, looking out of place -- poor sod, and then I knew somehow that he was one of Dorothy's best friends.

Later on, I found out that he was in my class some of the time which has made me pleased as it gave me some chance to get around to know him a bit more -- it was fab, he being a real shy violet so on.

And once he told me that he wasn't contented with his course and that he felt Frank think he's "stupid" - I tried to assure him that it is not the case and that he even didn't hand in any single work at all. And I offered to go over to his place and do our essays together - he agreed to it. And then he gave me the address.

He didn't turn up for further classes - I kept asking Frank if he is okay - and Frank said he can't really get through to Scott - and that he is not allowed to give me his address - so I had to remember the address - it was really difficult at first - but a week later, it hit my mind when I was on the toilet - yes, it was a strange place to remember but that's me for you.

It turned out that he live in St John's Wood - I took the tube there. And found him at his gorgeous flat - it was in a renovated Georgian buildings - near everywhere.

He was in his pants. I wondered "Crickey - why is he almost naked?" He said that he have to tell me something ˆ I said "Huh?"

It turned out that he was a male prostitute.

Many rent boys themselves don't like the phrase "rent boys" and that Scott was quite popular with his clients.


That explained why his mobile ring a lot in the class!

I believe in myself to be quite a fair person - I just listen, try not to judge people by their profession, what they do, what they are etc - you might like the real side to them.

Somehow I saw the real self in Scott, loving it.

I realized that I like him a lot -- but I have to be careful.

That was in November - now this is March - I called him this afternoon asking if I can visit him - he said "Tomorrow at five."

I wonder what will happen next. Sometimes it's often the best to remain friends - the bother with me is that once I fuck someone, it usually spoil the atmosphere.

But I can't really define anything by that standard.

Can you?

Snowy Gilchrist

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