April 1999

I know that I haven't written for a while, but I spent that time trying to sort out my feelings, and get my personal life in some what of a normal order. Anyway, I was at a play tonight, and I saw the most gorgeous guy that I have ever seen in my life. The play was Will Roger's Follies. One of the parts that he played was an Indian. That means that he was wearing a leather vest, a loin cloth, and a pair of pants. OH MY GOD!!!! Did I mention that he is SOOOOOO HOT?!?

It seams that everywhere I turn, there is another article on the Christian Coalition, explaining how gays are not morally correct people. (I know that morally correct isn't the greatest term in the world, however, I don't like any of the terms that they used.)They are also running ads about "gay" people who found God, and now they are straight.

At the funeral of Matthew Shepard, there were protesters there, protesting that he should be given a Christian funeral at all! There was a picture, and the picture showed two boys, not more than 14 years old holding up signs that said: FAGS=ANAL SEX=DEATH!

How can children who know that they are gay come out, when they know they will be abandoned by the church, the one place that should support them, no matter who they are?

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