April 1999

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Well howdy folks! This is my first time writing a column, so look over any incongruencies or grammar errors, please! I live in Tennessee, but I'm not a Southern person. I'm actually from South Korea. Now explain why a Korean lives in HICKVILLE, USA? I don't feel like playing "Let's Share," however, I will give the short version. I used to live in CA, but then my parents got the hot idea. Yuk yuk. So here I am, suffocating in the slime of INTOLERANCE and RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION. Help, help. You have no idea of the ignorance of some people until you've lived in the South. Bible Belt country is not the place for liberalists.

Enough about my lovely town. What's hot in today's news? Well, I just happened to read yesterday's paper (don't bother asking why I read yesterday's paper today, that's one of my quirks), and I noticed an article about Gay/Lesbian Adoption and Foster Care. Well, gee, I don't know about you, but I WOULD like to start a family of my own someday. You know, find a gal, get hitched, have one or two rugrats, have a nice little villa in Southern California. That's definitely not much to ask, the typical American Dream (well, except for the first part, typically, grrrls don't wanna find a nice GAL, though I hope to see that way of thinking change), right? However, if some states have their way, actually, if the GOP has it's way, gay adoption would be against the rules. EXCUSE ME FOR INTERRUPTING! If it wasn't for adoption, I would be stuck in South Korea, illiterate and probably a child prostitute. My brother would probably be dead from starvation in Costa Rica. My parents aren't gay, but still, it's the principle of the thing. There are millions of kids that need loving homes, homes where they can receive the care that their own parents couldn't provide. They deserve a chance to live, and love, and be loved just as gays and lesbians deserve to be great, no wonderful, parents! And that's all I have to say about that. Maybe I've woken someone up to the reality of our cause.

Now, on to other matters. Have you ever thought about religious elitist society? I swear, Christians (and yes, I say Christians) are the most judgmental, contradictory bunch o'folks I've ever laid eyes on. The main thing I've noticed about their theology is: "Waalll, I been saved by the blessed blood of the Lamb, and I'm a goin' to heaven and everyone else who ain't saved and sanctified is a goin' to hell, the place of fire'n brimstone!" The idea that they are somehow greater than everybody and that they're going to a special place just for them, makes them feel like they're better and more justified than everyone else! Oi! Do they really think that they are the only ones that are going to heaven? Of course they do. They criticize Muslims, Buddhists, pagans, Hindus, even Jews. I mean, some of these religions have been around for ages longer than the relatively young "Christianity". Does that mean that everyone who happened to live before Jesus is in Hell? Come on, that's just plain ol' prejudice and racism. I'd actually rather live in hell with people like Plato and Homer than in heaven with hypocrites like the famed Jesus of Nazareth. Anyway, I guess I've vented my extreme thoughts (actually, they're pretty sane) and I'll sign off. G'bye y'all!


>>Personal Info: I am 14 and I live in Tennessee (ack!). My favorite thing to do is mess around on computers and debate on hot civil issues. No surprise, I want to be an ACLU attorney when I grow up (hehehe). Not that any of you need to know that. My email address is Xantha6684@hotmail.com for those of you who wish to support, dispute, correct or BS about my lil' column.

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