April 1999

Well since I started my first article on Oasis with a semi-rant I thought I could come down off that and tell you what I'm about and where these words you are reading actually come from...

Like I said in my first article my name's Mario, although that isn't the "real" birth name that friends know me by... Most people have trouble with spelling and pronouncing my first name so I stick with Mario. Oh yeah, no Super Mario jokes please... I'm 23 and live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I'm not Canadian but have had the pleasure of calling Canada home for a long long time now. Originally I come from Eastern Europe and am glad that I'm here in Canada because it seems like things in Europe aren't going that well.

So I guess that's a bit where I come from... Now let's fastforward to where and who I am. Like I said I'm 23 and working for an industrial company and I like working there. I'm what some would call computer-knowledgable but I like to use the term computer wizard... ok lame humours over... seriously though I work as the information technology analyst as well as the accounting assistant. Now the accounting part wasn't by choice so don't anyone give me a rough time about being some boring accountant... I do the work thing full time and go to school part time.

I'm studying to be a microcomputer specialist so hey if you know anybody who needs a full-time computer software tech with experience in accounting and resource based industries than drop me an email (address is at the bottom)... Besides school and work, I ski in the Rockies which I think are the best in the world. I also travel down to Calgary because I have awesome friends down there... oh yeah and the clubs are better in Calgary than Edmonton.

I'm also a big music fan... All kinds ranging from classical to psychidelic trance/acid/techno... I had to say that because I got a new CD with that as the type of music it has on it... it's got a cool purple anime cover and inlay... hmm well anyways I think that's all for this article... I know it's kinda short but I have a lot of stuff to do for work as we are kinda understaffed right now... hope to see ya back next month!


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