Ryan R.

April 1999

I realized that last column I didn't say anything about talking to Caleb (referring to my Feb. column). Well I didn't do anything...I'm a bum, I know, but I just didn't say anything. Though I have been dropping clues (unintentionally), I think he may be catching on.

Haha, speaking of that, I'm sitting in class the other day and this girl (quite possibly the most arrogant bitch in school) says to Caleb, "get a haircut." Well I said, without even looking up, just casually, not meaning anything, "I think your hair looks good" So of course that girl couldn't let that one go, she says to Caleb, "Did you know he just came on to you?" I started laughing. Partly because I guess maybe I was, and partly because she is such a dumbass that she has to try to cause trouble anywhere possible, and I think that's funny. Caleb did the 'talk-to-the-hand' gesture and kinda stepped away, then laughed and sat down. Funny scene, maybe you had to be there.

So between this column and last, I turned sixteen. I left school a bit early with my good friend Jessie, she drove me to the DMV and I got my license. When I got home, I was shocked...all of my best friends were there, Caleb, Jesse, Jessie, Shelly, Shaunna, Katie, Joe, Steve, Steve, Levi, Ian. Much fun. I had a great time. That night we were out until 11 or so just messing around...very much fun. Best birthday ever. I love my friends so much.

Not a whole lot going on really...the hunt for love continues...I feel rather lonely lately, weird, I really want somebody...hrmmm, must do something about this.

Short column...just not much happening

I want a small disco ball for my rear view mirror, feel free to send me one.


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