April 1999

On A Day Like Today

"Free is all you gotta be,
Dream dreams no one else can see,
Sometimes ya wanna run away,
But ya never know what might be comin' round your way....
On a day like today, the whole world could change,
the sun's gonna shine, shine through the rain,
on a day like today
ya never wanna see the sun go down...." - Bryan Adams

I took a break last month because of previous commitments that I had engaged in prior to my column writing. I also chose to write a longer one this month because I've got a few things I wanted to talk about.. Go figure.

In January I was approached to go on a trip with what was to be about 40 people going on a bus excursion to Denver, Colorado. The main reason why the trip was happening was because of a certain UK DJ by the name of Sasha who I had sorely wanted to see. He was England's hottest DJ sensation and I didn't want to miss out on what could been the best 250 dollars I had ever spent. So in January plotting to go down I was. When February 25 finally came when I was to hop on the bus, which ended up becoming a mini van and 40 people became suddenly 7. Hey I was not to back out of what was going to become one of the best trips that I've taken.. I fought too hard for that time off.

So the 14 hour long trip was just that.. long. But it was a lot of fun along the way, even though we got carded for booze in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Albeit to me though I ended up outing myself in the van to almost everyone pretty much, which turned out to be good in it's favor anyhow. We arrived in Denver early Friday afternoon and checked into the hotel, in which I met who I was to be sharing a bed with. Upon first meeting him my first thoughts were "oh great. Another homophobic, straight boy who will kick me out of the bed upon first chance he gets." So I ended up avoiding him for the first part of Friday until we ended up all going to Boulder. Boulder was a good experience. It was there I met someone really cool, even though I was way too tired to make conversation. I also wandered around downtown within the Frat house district (eye candy), and finally we ended up being off back to the city and to get ready for Fab Fridays at a club downtown called the Amsterdam. But what was interesting is how the straight guy and I ended up getting along pretty well.

The Amsterdam was an excellent night out. One of the best clubs I have ever been too, which runs circles around Diva's here. As far as no labels clubs go, Fab Fridays was an excellent reminder of how the scene is based on P.L.U.R. And of course the shutterbug I am , I took a lot of pictures of the club. The place finally shut down about 5 in the morning, with us returning to the hotel about 6. I attempted to sleep, but with the cute straight guy lying on the other end of the bed, it was quite difficult.

Saturday was mostly shopping and surfing around downtown. The Denver Pavilion was excellent, with loads of shops including a Virgin Megastore as well as a Barnes & Noble.

Now before I continue on an interesting situation arose. Anyone ever have a guy that totally sticks out to them?? I mean one where you don't even know the guy but really want to because he just sticks out among the crowd?? My friends and I were walking in the downtown district when we were in the 16th street mall area. As we headed towards the Virgin Megastore at about oh noonish, I saw this really cute guy. he was about 6 feet, brown hair, (kind of like a mop top) and a light, boyish face. he also had a retainer/braces. Black pullover top and blue jeans and quite thin. Anyhow as we walked I remember scanning him and where his arm was attached to, which was his older looking boyfriend. I don't really remember if I had actually made eye contact with him or not, but out of all the cute man that walked down that street, he was by far the cutest. In my mind I looked back and thought to myself "you'll never see him again, don't bother."

I couldn't get the guy out of my head. That night, we all went to the Sasha/Jon Digweed party and partied along with 4000 people. It was shortly before then that the cute but what I thought was straight guy came out to me, and the event where I also met the cutest, sweetest candy raver girl I had ever met. She was surprised we had even come as far as we did and in the end I got a phone number out of it. The rave was excellent, and we ventured for a small afterparty into downtown Denver.

After the houseparty we went up to Boulder for an afterparty at a club called Soma when I decided to wander downtown. On my way to crossing the street to go over to Ambercrombie and Fitch, and as luck would have it, there he was by himself again. My heart leapt but again my mind hit me with the thoughts that I was "all the way from Canada" and I would never see him again etc. I returned to the club to find almost everyone sketched out beyond belief, and we all ventured back to the hotel. The night was spent recovering and mostly sleeping which I didn't get any of anyhow. Most of the night was spent thinking a bit.. thinking of going home.. back to Saskatchewan. Part of me didn't.. everything and everyone I had seen had made a profound effect on me. I didn't want to go home for awhile. I thought through the night and made a promise to myself that no matter what I would go back. I promised myself to return.

The way home was a long ride back. At least it felt long. I talked about the serious attraction I had for one of the DJ's and we also talked about spirituality, sexuality and other things. When we arrived in Regina that Tuesday morning, it was if Regina had livened up for a bit. Everything old was somewhat new again. There was a part of me regained and hadn't been recovered since my boyfriend had dumped me. It was a revitalization. It was of all things, a sign of hope. I'm glad I took this trip down there.. it was everything that I ever could have wanted.


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