April 1999

I am sitting here in my bed at 4 am. It is cold outside but it is warm from within me. I am in love with being in love. Does that sound strange to you? Well it is a fact of life for me!!

I had another relationship trainwreck after last month's article. That was exactly how it was. I never saw the end coming. I never saw the problems. Maybe I did and I just looked the other way or maybe there were no problems at all and he just didn't want it any more (the relationship). Anyway he went home to Fla. ( 1,500 miles away) and yet I still feel his love. He e-mails me and me keeps in touch the best that he can.

I have not moved on, though. It will be three weeks on Monday and I still expect him to come in the front door and give me a kiss on the forehead like he always did.

I still dream of him at night and I still roll over in the morning to give him a hug but he is no longer there. Just an empty space!

To me, this is true love, the fact that I love him even when he is so very far away. To you, I might be crazy, but hey after all, I am in love with being in love.

I have not put a time frame on when it is going to be OK to start to move on or even if I ever will because I am still in love so, to me, the relationship is not over completely.

Since he has moved back to Florida, he has had a couple bad things happen to him. I look at those things and say they could have happened to him for one of two reasons. Reason one is that maybe it happened because he left me. Reason two is because those will be incentive for him to come back to me!

Well, now that I have given you some food for thought, I thank you for your time!!

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