University of Massachusetts Press and Family Diversity Projects Announce Publication Of 'Love Makes A Family' Critically acclaimed exhibit to become available in book form

"A family is a bunch of people, or not so many, who love each other," explains seven year old Liza, who has two moms.

Liza's family is one of twenty portrayed in Love Makes a Family - an exhibit of diverse families with gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender members. In this exhibit, photographs by Gigi Kaeser are accompanied by text edited from interviews with each family member. Together, the words and the images in "Love Makes a Family" show in a visible and positive way, the love and the power that exists within these families.

This summer, Love Makes a Family will be published in book form by the University of Massachusetts Press in response to the positive feedback the creators have received. For the first time, everyone will have access to these powerful images - proving once and for all that true family values are the essence of happiness, and that children can be raised in a happy, healthy environment by any loving person, be they gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or straight.

This volume combines interviews and photographs, as in the exhibit, to document the experience of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender parents and their families. It allows all of the family members - including the children - to speak candidly about their lives, their relationships, and the ways in which they have dealt with the pressures of homophobia. "At the most basic level, Love Makes a Family combats that homophobia by breaking silence and making the invisible visible," said Peggy Gillespie, editor of the exhibit and book version.

Gigi Kaeser, the compilation's photographer, added that "By educating people of all ages - beginning in early childhood - to celebrate and appreciate diversity, this exhibit contributes to the process of dismantling the destructive power of prejudice and intolerance, thereby making the world a safer place for all families."

Gillespie and Kaeser will be touring major US cities throughout June to promote the book's release, which is made possible in conjunction with Family Diversity Projects, Inc., a nationwide distributor of exhibits that help to educate the public about families who are discriminated against because of their sexual orientation, race, mental or physical disabilities, religion, national origin, or gender indeitity. Founded by Kaeser and Gillespie, Family Diversity Projects also provides speakers and leads workshops at schools and conferences.

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