YouthArts -- Call for Submissions

At long last, YouthArts is in the process of being revived and reposted. YouthArts is a unique Internet showcase for young lgbt creative talent, age 25 and under, featuring short fiction and nonfiction, poetry, photography, fine arts, cartoons -- anything that can be digitalized on the Net. Our new HTML editor is Yolanda Ritter -- we are receiving HTML support from the Lesbian Legacy Collection of ONE/IGLA. YouthArts has been involved in both ACLU v. Reno and ACLU v. Reno II, fighting censorship on the Net.

Submissions by email are preferable, including a short biog on yourself, to wildcatprs@aol.com. Straight emails, please -- no attached files. Graphics in jpg files. If you submit by snail mail, it must be on a diskette in MS Word 6.0. Do not submit originals of any graphics materials -- send good 8 x 10 color copies or photographs, ready for scanning. Include self-addressed stamped envelope if you want your materials returned. Responses usually within the month.

Patricia Nell Warren
(published by Wildcat Press)

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