An Update on the Millennium March

A Statement From The Rev. Troy D. Perry of The Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches

Dear Friends:

As I write these words, we are in the midst of the historic Equality Begins at Home state actions -- the first coordinated GLBT actions to take place in all 50 US states.

Thirty years of activism on behalf of the GLBT communities convince me that we are now in the midst of a powerful three-pronged strategy to make our voices heard and to assure full equality under the law for all gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons.

This three-pronged strategy will take us to state capitals this month... to our nation's capital in April of 2000... and to the ballot box in November of 2000.

Each step is needed. Each step is important to protecting our future.

But I'm writing today for a very specific purpose.

You see, of the hundreds of letters that have crossed my desk in the last couple of weeks, two have made a powerful and lasting impression upon me. Each came from America's "heartland" and each carried the authentic grassroots voice of the courageous women and men who are making a difference in local communities across this country.

The first comes from the founder and director of Coastal Pride, a local Pride organization serving the GLBT communities in Florida; the second from a couple in rural Tennessee. The writers have given me permission to share their letters and their names with you.

I encourage you to take a moment and be inspired by their stories. You may even wish to reproduce and redistribute their stories; you are certainly encouraged to do so.


The Rev. Troy D. Perry, Moderator of UFMCC

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