By Christopher Caldwell

I was caught starless and breathless
The day my pulse reclaimed you.
Even though my lips have dishonored you,
You were waiting in my veins.
And the surge and the beat of you
Pitched me headlong into doubt.
I closed my eyes,
I knew I was drowning.
I was defenseless
Without driftwood,
Awash in your hello.

You are the tide.
Should I have struggled
Instead of falling, arms flung open
Into your chill,
Into the salt taste of you?


John the Baptist knew
The power of water to change.
I have rinsed in your flood.
Nothing, not even the sky,
Remains the same.


Christopher Caldwell is 22 in Los Angeles. Contact information at http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Lofts/9010

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