By Joshua Pope

You say that you love me
With me you will grow old
Then you turn and beat me
Ripping apart my soul

My heart you have broken
Now I try to mend
My heart Belongs to me now
On that you can depend

My pride you have shattered
From months and months of abuse
I use to try to fix things
But I have realized there is no use

I want you to remember
My love was always true
Now I am leaving
I will never forget about you

I wish for you the best
You know that's no lie
I love you so much kitten
Now it's time for me to fly

I never want to see you
Or talk to you again
I sure do miss you
And will until my end!


Tony 4 was written for My ex-boyfriend, DJTony. I still love you Kitten. I always will! May you reach your dreams and find total happiness in life. I am an openly gay person living in the greater Detroit area. You can read more of my writing in Oasis Mag issues April 98 (arts&entertainment) and November 1998 (Feature Columns). I can be contacted at joshpope@usa.net

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