E.J. Chasse

May 1999

First an apology, that last column was a mess. I am over the break up now, and I am back in business with my life.


I am now on my second month in a fraternity. Unlike Delta Lambda Phi, this fraternity is not focused on Gay, Bisexual, and Progressive men; it's just a normal straight fraternity. I have learned many things in this past month about life as a Brother. While I can not reveal the name of my fraternity due to Dirty Rush and the fact that they have not found out yet, I am very happy with my fraternity, and I am proud being a brother.

About not being out, it's tough going from being VERY out to closeted, but I have adapted well. The absence of a boyfriend does wonders for that. A few brothers know that I am interested in guys. A few more know I am a member of ALLIES. So things get tense for me at times.

The roughest I had it was our Spring Formal...a dated function. It was a time where I had to pretend I didn't like guys for several hours non-stop. THAT was rough.

I spoke of Delta Lambda Phi earlier. Many of you maybe confused about why I am not a member of Delta Lambda Phi. Well, the DLP here on campus is a cliquish group that does not understand the meaning of brotherhood. Well, a few of them do. But many do not. And I did not until I joined my fraternity. However, if I am joining a fraternity, I better learn what true brotherhood is.

But I can't blame DLP for their lack of unity. That is the community here. We fight each other more than we fight homophobia, heterosexism, and discrimination. This community is silly. The worse your character is, the higher you go here it seems. The nice guys finish last. Oh well. Maybe I can learn the art of being a bitch to everyone, and finally move up in the world.


Well, what I am trying to say is this: Fraternities can be GOOD things, they can be BAD things. Everyone stereotypes Fraternity guys as jerks. Well, I think we ALL know what stereotypes are about. Delta Lambda Phi as a whole is a good idea and I support the concept of a fraternity focused toward the Gay/Bisexual/Allied community. However, the Alpha Rho Chapter (PSU) needs some SERIOUS help learning about brotherhood.

If you want to hear more about life in a straight fraternity, let me know, and I may talk about it more.


Big ole shout out to my friends on the Youth-Guard list, good work JP!, and a friendly hello to a guy who was there for me, Jim P...you know who you are.


EJ Chasse

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