Lincoln Ho

May 1999

Hi everybody. How's it going for everyone? I feel tired but I feel great! So how was everyone's Spring Break? Hope you all had your break because I sure had a heck of a great one. Instead of sitting at home doing nothing, I actually went to places and had fun. One of the highlights of that week was of course, the Shania concert that our school was invited to sing in on stage. It was great, though she wasn't very friendly to us. You can see my web site about what that means because I'm not repeating it again.

But greater than Shania, the highlight of the concert was not the lights, the people, the music, the excitement, or getting ourselves in the newspaper. It was my crush asking me to give him a massage just before we went onstage. Yes, I may like more than one person A LOT, but it was still great having a guy's permission to touch them and to relax them. I know he's not gay but there's no supporting evidence that he is not. I mean, asking another guy to give you a massage when everyone else except for him knows that I have the biggest crush on him?

So that was basically my week. Ok, maybe not but the rest isn't important. That was a big highlight and it was an honor to spend 3 of my 15 minutes of fame up there with Shania, even though I don't like country music.

In other news, I've accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I know that some people think this is religious crap, but I think that he did die for man and that includes homosexuals as well. Even though I may not go to heaven when I die because I am gay, it doesn't hurt to believe in something and live a peaceful lifestyle. Hey, maybe I could be a Christian singer like the Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync, 98 Degrees and so on.

Gee, I've totally run out of things to talk about this week but the fact that THE MATRIX is the most awesome movie! Keanu Reeves is so hot in that movie and it's very symbolic in many of the parts. I'll probably have something on my site about my view of the movie because I love it so much. I've already seen it twice and I know many people have seen it way more times than me. It's like another Titanic craze except people are there to study the symbolism in the movie except to cry and weep over "I'll never let go", bloop, "bye bye" sort of thing in Titanic.

So I've talked about The Matrix, Eric (that guy's name), Shania, and Jesus. What else can I talk about?

Oh, to Ty, awesome idea at making up an interview. I think it was very cool. Speaking of feedback, thanks for all the people that wrote to me that I just don't have the time to reply to. When you've been having a bad day, getting a nice friendly e-mail lifts up my spirits and places a smile on my face. So thank you very much and maybe it's the ultimate reason why I write for Oasis, to make a difference.

So thank you to everybody who read this column and visit my webpage and also sign my wretched guestbook. Use a fake name if you want, just sign it!

Until next month! I will have lots more stuff to talk about, relating to being gay next time.

Lincoln Ho


When You Really Like Someone

Song and Lyrics by Lincoln Ho

I will give up the world to see you
I will give up my faith for you
I can let go of everything I have
But I'll never let you go


'Cause when you really like somebody
You can't get them off your mind
And there are things in life that are precious
That you'll cherish for all time because


When you really like somebody (you can't help it}
When you really want somebody (you can't avoid it)
When you really need somebody (you can't deny it)
When you really love somebody (you can't ignore it)

I will dream about you always
I could be your satisfaction
I can give up all my goals for you
But I would never let you go

{repeat pre-chorus, chorus}

When you like somebody
Like somebody

{repeat chorus twice}

When you like somebody


When you really like somebody

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