May 1999

THE PITIFUL STATE OF OUR NATION -Neglecting the image of the most sacred symbol of Our Country

*This is not a "gay issue", yet it remains an issue for everyone who has an ounce of patriotism for the United States of America. In addition, contrary to popular opinion, I don't JUST think about "gay issues". Any issue is enough to get me going!*


When was the last time you saw an American flag? What kind of feelings did it inspire? No, this is NOT a test. Just answer the darn questions! The flag does NOT just represent mere patriotic symbolism or idealism; it is a tangible example of the unity of our country! Would a Christian allow their Bible to be degraded into a position of "symbol without substance"? Or how about the Koran? Or the cross? The flag represents US. It is a proud and radiant symbol, and carries within its stars and stripes a heritage that is irrevocably and without a doubt AMERICAN. For this flag, many have given their lives so that it would never be erased from the minds or hearts of the people. It stands in countless history books for the determination of a few who established a tradition of freedom for all people. Now, why do we let this revered symbol suffer in disgrace?

You ask, what? What disgrace? Take a long walk down your city's main street. Look at some of the flags drooping there. Read the paper. Take a good look at some of your neighbor's flags. What do you notice? Many flags are tattered, sunbleached, and generally in poor condition. We must stop this menace!

Now, on to a personal story of how I witnessed first hand the carelessness with which some consider the emblem of our great nation. A couple Sundays ago, I happened to be sitting in church (unfortunately). It was sunny outside, and our church has two big stained glass windows on the altar facing the congregation. Now, the preacher's wife happened to be sitting in a spot that got the sunlight directly from the window. Instead of moving, however, she complained and, lo and behold, a certain man came to the rescue. This man is a former state representative, and he professes to be patriotic. He thought of a brilliant solution to the sunlight problem. Why don't we drape the American flag over the window?! Like a darn curtain! And that's just what they did. There it was, hanging in shame on a window to block the sun from some old woman's eyes. Like an old war veteran lying in a nursing home, dejected and forgotten by all of its previous days of glory. Shame on all of us!

Think about it folks, make a difference.


Oops, I can't think of anything else.

"Oh say, does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave, o'er the land of the Free, and the home of the Brave?"-Francis Scott Key

Glory to America!


P.S. Laughter is chicken noodle soup for the soul. Courtesy Campbell's.

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