May 1999

Hi again people,

Well finally in Canada here the snow is gone (most of it anyway) and spring has finally kicked in. Anyway onto the main part of this... It's going to be short because I'm writing this before work. I'm also going down to see my new boyfriend of one month. Yes be happy for me, yet jealous.

I guess it's the Internet's fault that I met him. I went down in March to see him and we hit it off really well so everything is good there... Well, almost everything. This is where you dear reader get to be intimate and interactive with yours truly.

The situation is that my boyfriend just came out to his parents, and I think that the parents told the rest of the immediate family so that is causing some stress for him, but that isn't the immediate problem. The main problem deals with his Mom who does not at all approve of him being gay. She thinks it's immoral what we are doing, and I just think to myself what is so immoral or whatever word that means the same, about me going and seeing him once a month?

How do I get my point across that I'm not out to "use" my boyfriend, her son? Is there a way to avoid getting him in trouble? I've talked to her a couple of times on the phone, and she seems to get all worked up about the fact that I'm even friends with him... Well I think that's all I can think of to ask for now... I have to go to work and then head off for my 5-hour drive to visit my guy... I'll write a better column next month and sorry for the shortness of this one.

Thanks for reading and if you have suggestions, and ideas email me at lucid909@hotmail.com.



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