May 1999

Well.. the final column before it will be my first year anniversary. Amazing how time flies.. since I first wrote you, the loyal readers of Oasis, I've been through hell and back. But that's not anything new in my life.

I suppose a current event update is due to you all. Well, over the past week, it has been the 1999 Olympic Gay Games in my social life. A very good friend of mine, who everyone thinks is gay (and I can only hope), has done some homosexual acts that surpass even me.

Last Saturday our theatre troupe went to Houston for our One Act play area competition. We lost, but in a sense I won. This friend of mine, in our hotel room, dressed up in nothing but a neck tie worn like a g-string and a gag gift full body condom from a very strange store. It was a beautiful sight to see him parading around the room, getting his fair share of attention from the rest of my roommates.

The next morning, he fell sick. While my other two roommates went to eat breakfast, I stayed with him to nurse him. Both of us wore only boxers, and through the entire morning I put cold ice on his forehead. And then his chest. (Quite kinky.. he moaned, probably from the pain of the cold, but I bet he had the biggest hard on!) Then I ran his bath, and he actually took it in front of me.. Needless to say, I checked up on him as often as possible.

Nothing has happened since then, only that he will be spending the night Friday. I hope my June letter has some good news for you, for once, to celebrate my year anniversary. A good bi friend of mine (who has no apparent interest in me) keeps telling me I have a boyfriend.. But the poor child is the son of a Baptist minister, and although it would be wonderful to snag the child of a bigot, I don't want to find myself rolling around in their homophobic shit.

So, now, I'm praying I've found the right one.. And although according to millions I'm being blasphemous by praying to God for a homosexual relationship, I don't think He minds. Do you?


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