Lavender Youth Recreation & Information Center (Lyric) Celebrates Decade Of Providing Youth Support

On Wednesday, May 19 San Francisco-based LYRIC will welcome acclaimed authors Jewelle Gomez and Armistead Maupin in celebration of the agencyís 10th anniversary. LYRICís Annual Champions Event will be held at Hang Gallery, located at 556 Sutter Street at Powell, from 6PM-8:30 PM.

Both Gomez and Maupin will share coming out stories that they have chosen specifically for the event, which will honor LYRICís founders ñ a reunion of up to 30 individuals who are responsible for creating LYRIC. LYRIC will also recognize two youth that have made an outstanding contribution to the agency.

The proceeds from this fundraising event will ensure continued support of LYRICís groundbreaking youth programming such as the Youth Talkline/Infoline which serves more than 15,000 youth annually, and its youth leadership confer-ence, Young, Loud, and Proud.

Tickets for the event will cost $75. For more information, contact Ron Wong and Associates at 415.920.9764.

LYRIC was founded in 1988 by a group of community folks and young people to address the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (lgbtq) youth. The founders recognized that even in San Francisco, lgbtq youth constitute an underserved community of young people who are often isolated and face barri-ers in accessing services to meet their needs.

Today, LYRIC hosts eight peer-based programs, serves thousands of young peo-ple and is grateful to have sixteen full and part time staff members.

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