Millennium March on Washington for Equality Announces Major New Developments

Washington, DC -- The board of The Millennium March on Washington for Equality (MMOW) held its quarterly meeting April 25 and 26 to discuss plans to mobilize and organize hundreds of thousands of people for a historic event April 30, 2000 on the National Mall in Washington DC.

MMOW was pleased to announce the appointment of new board members Geni Cowan of Sacramento CA. and Jose Ucles and Ingrid Duran of Washington, DC, who join one of the most diverse national boards in the movement to plan and organize the historic event.

Members of the board discussed plans to broaden its structure and create additional points of entry into the process and leadership of the event. On April 30, 1999, exactly one year prior to the Millennium March on Washington for Equality, the board will hold a major press conference at 9 AM at the National Press Club located at 529 14th Street, NW, with groundbreaking news.

In other news, the board held an important discussion with representatives of the Ad Hoc Committee for an Open Process. MMOWís board invited the Ad Hoc Committee to serve on the national board. In response to concerns around diversity, the board was proud to announce that its makeup currently consists of 60 percent people of color and 60 percent women.

The board also accepted the resignation of Kerry Lobel, who met with MMOW co-chairs to state that she was resigning for personal reasons. In her letter to the board, Lobel, who is executive director for the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, raised concerns about the March. Many of her concerns, such as the need for an open process, accountability issues, and the value of a mass mobilization have been addressed in very significant ways by the March board and the community. The board regrets that she will not personally participate in the legacy of this historic event. We look forward to continued work with the Task Force.

For more information about the Millennium March on Washington for Equality or to participate in upcoming events, please contact MMOW2000@aol.com or look on the website at http://www.MMOW.org.

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