Seven Poems by Cameron Hernandez


The space, distance, time apart I have to suffer away from you,
To wake by the kisses of sweet sun rays as they lap over my body,
But it's not my own,
You and I are as one, tangled, mangled and twisted together to form a whole,
Sensations shot through my aura like a speeding drunk driver,
Not knowing where he's going but that he's going some where and fast,
Closeness, an embrace, hold, a touch,
The bitter cold warmth of your breath as it freezes over my heart with burning love,
Hot icy passion is what takes over,
The ice with the flame so hot in side nothing can contain it,
Nothing but the frozen liquid love that makes up its home,
My home,
Our home,
Free falling into a never ending room, no walls, no doors, not even a window,
Just space so wide, so vast and yet so confiding and so confronting,
The ability, the knowledge that you are utterly let lose on the planet below and around,
But this fact, this premise, this simple formula if you will call,
Beckons you to stay home,
Within his arms,
In side his eyes,
In reach of his breath,
Because all this confused confusion is nothing more then an



Your vibe resonates through my soul,
A random and uncontrollable sensation that I just cant let go of,
Chaotic peace, simplistic war,
I want you with all that is with in me to have,
Which isn't much,
One hold,
One touch,
One inhale,
To know you're here even when you're not,
To hang up the receiver and still linger on our last thought,
To have a smile, my smile, light up the gloom with just a simple thought of you,
Can you see my love?
Can you hear it yell at the top of its emotion, calling you name?
Can you?
All it takes to turn my world up side down,
Is not a answer but yet a problem,
Is not a gift but yet a card,
Chaotic peace, simplistic war,
That's where you take me,
That's where Ill be,
Always and forever yours,
Holding onto your



How did you ever find the switch that lit up my eyes?
One day bam! You came into my life,
Unannounced, just a little bit of new spice,
A utterly different being all together,
Have to say you make me want to study you forever,
To have and to hold are words I will never be able to say,
But just the passing day dream of you makes them real and wanting to stay.
I never want to lose the question mark we have,
It's a game of chess and I have made my last move, it's your choice what else will soon come to pass,
Who will be conquered, who will be slain,
Who will be left on the side lines alone and insane,
I love everything about you, but I hate the way your dealing with this game,
Dust will soon start to make families, if you don't spring clean it away,
The fresh morning air is here, snow long gone and forgotten,
Time to take in some new flowers and put the old ones out to die,
To re-enter the earth and come back on someone else's bright morning day,
To bring them new life,
new love and new,



Fallen of the cliff into a never ending abyss of emotion,
Free falling with no support but the gentle hand that rests in your own,
The warm air flying through your body as if you yourself are made of nothing at all,
A light sparks as your burst into a million white doves,
Filling the sky like the light of the sun rising,
How can you be everywhere and no where at the same time?
Fine the one you love,
And the only thing that will be holding you back then,
Will seem to be the very skin that holds you together,


Via - E mail

Two souls torn apart,
Left to rot,
To disembark,
The love has cut them,
Deeper then any knife,
Their words to one another,
Bring hope,
Bring light,
Yet the two remain as two,
One not able to give in to the fire,
The other never willing to be released from the flames,
The space only brings intensified attraction,
Time apart only makes the other sweater,
How long will they be able to hold out?
Hoe long till they allow their true feelings to be spoken out loud?
He loves me, I love him,
But were two different worlds,
All done,
Via E mail.



I found a home,
All clear and white,
Where all you feel is love and right,
A warm hold hugging you tight,
But one thing remains through the bliss,
Whose light is making all this white?
You never understood it,
But yet you gave into it,
Now you're apart of it,
A black hole of generosity,
Puzzled simplicity,
Independence if what you crave,
Self-reliance is the one thing you long to gain,
But with all the trust,
Love and warmth,
Lays a question mark if read,
With in this city I am safe,
With out it I am forever lost,
But either or,
I will remain,



A watch,
Sun dial or alarm clock,
Never ending shifting sands,
Never yielding guiding hands,
Why does he torment me so?
Have me set free,
With in his fantasy,
All I long for is to be let go,
To be free of all,
And none,
To care and to left alone as just me,
All at once,
To kiss my reflection in utter joy,
To see your imprintment upon my soul,
One and one still make one to me,
With hearts a part,
Life is a raging sea,
With hearts made whole,
The one thing you will never ponder,
Is the one thing that never leaves you alone,
Eternity in fetters,
My father of,

Cameron Hernandex, is a 17-year-old high school junior in Maryland. He can be reached at adonis90@hotmail.com.

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