once again, I romance an effulgent new world --
(often known to certain others as the blazing world)
repeating circular choruses and intense enough
glances to break the crystalline measures now so that
I return to love, now that I best believe: just now

ever (if positioned), ever if of fascination --

we have said it all:
it is not quite continuous in its direction.

trade: got me love, got me love, got me love
trade: got me under whatever is far over the
top of my eyes, the top of my ideals -- any pinnacle.

perhaps no good, perhaps awaiting expiration;
you're an interior for my exploration -- powerful
as a delineation of erotic friendship, extensions high
and wide breath of bodily juvenility and our tonality.

-- for Max


Mike Walker is the Oasis Science Editor. He is also a writer and poet who often contributes his poetry to Oasis and other literary journals. He can be reached at: MCWalker@hotmail.com

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