June 1999

It's been a whole month since the last article, it sure did go by fast. Thankfully it has also been a quiet month. I would like to thank all you out there who send me letters, and I appreciate it. Now on with my job!

I don't really have anything new to talk about, everything has been going pretty good. I have also come to the realization that being in the closet is a good thing, yes I know many of you out there would disagree though. It really is... I mean what could possibly be good about being open with sexuality, and persecuted for it?

Many of the gay people I have met so far, most of which I met on the Internet, are in the closet. Those ones that are still in the closet are happy with it. They really don't care if other people know or not. It is their own personal business, not the rest of the world's. So... in response to that, why should I come out? I don't think I should... I have tried, and it didn't turn out well... so why would I want to screw up my perfectly good life for a reason as insignificant as that?

On the same subject, many of the people who do come out end up in poor condition. They are ostracized from society and their families. To them, in afterthought, it really was not worth it. The gay community has labeled the "closet" as a bad thing, however most of those hypocrites are adults and don't have to rely on others for survival. Perhaps they feel it is just their way of contributing to a better world for gay people, or perhaps they just don't know any better.

In my opinion, if you can accept yourself as being gay, that is all that matters. I feel that it is wrong to be pressured into coming out, and that it is your own decision about when you want to, if ever, to do so. I would like to hear some feedback about this subject. Write me and tell me if you are in the closet, or out. Then tell me if you think it is better to be hid away safely in the closet, or out to the world. Tell me why you think so as well. I am going to, if I get enough feedback, use the result much like a poll to see what the general opinion is. I might even post some of your letters, with permission of course, in my next article. I would like to thank you in advance for your contribution.

I guess that about sums it up for this week, thanks for stopping by to take a look at my article.

Best of Luck,


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