Lincoln Ho

June 1999

Hi everyone! Since I still haven't got this quote from my friend, I'll write about something else. I decided to take excerpts from my thoughts and events book.

Some would call this a journal, diary, or logbook but in anyway you call it, take the red pill and see how deep this rabbit hole goes (reference from The Matrix):

"Eric ... Is one of my two major crushes but I do like him more than anyone else. I've probably started liking him last year when I was at the school's open house when I saw him singing in a performance to promote the school's extra-curricular and choral music program. I knew that at that time, I was going to have some trouble getting some thoughts out of my head with people like him.

Eric is so smart in my perspective, knowledgeable, and hard-working when he's in class. Because I took math 10 last year, I now am taking the same math level as Eric, and as luck goes, I got stuck in a class with him and it's nice to see him at the end of a long day. But more than Eric's ability, there's a lot more about him that I admire, one is his great talent in music.

He can play a guitar, a trombone, and he's the lead singer of his band Mi5. His voice is so sexy and he's just perfect. He has the brains, the talent, the attitude, and the looks, definitely the looks.

Eric is oriental but speaks no Asian language, black hair, with always a sharp haircut and gelled up hair. According to one of my friends, he's considered a prep. His smile just illuminates the room and he's cool and HOT at the same time.

Whenever I can, in math class, or the after school jazz choir I'm involved in, I love looking at him and admiring his traits. It's too bad that I would never have a chance or the guts to ask him out, though I think there are little chances that he may be gay.

You see, at the Shania concert backstage, he asked me to give him a massage. I took his request like I was his servant. That was probably the highlight of the whole day. His shoulders were so soft and he was warm in my hands. I can't believe that he gave me permission to touch him because he probably already knows that I like him with everyone I've told with my big mouth. But why would such a hot guy like Eric have no girlfriend?"

That's all for this month from my book. Next month, I'll continue on. Some of the stuff may have already been mentioned before so I apologize for that.

Now what has been happening with me lately was that I recently visited Toronto with my school choir. Ah, the places that you'll go with the language of life. And I also went to my friend's birthday party in which I had a miserable time at because my two ex-boyfriends were also there. So most of the time, I was eating (I am not fat), or playing with his four year old sister (not sexually). There is a whole lot more to this party but there are appropriate times in which information can be let out.

Have a great summer guys! And good luck on all your exams! And also visit my website @ http://i.am/lincolnho!

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