June 1999



Well, the exams are done, the books are packed away, the school's empty for yet another two and a half months. Summertime, the time of relaxation (for some), or lotsa work and building (especially for graduates, congrats to all y'all who fit in that category). For me, it's time for another bout of melancholy nostalgia - for those dear friends that I won't see again, for the end of an era, as they say. My freshman year, gone. I'll never get a chance to change anything, but I have no regrets. The year has been a tumultuous one - growth seems to have been the keyword of the entire year. First my self-realization and coming out, not to mention tremendous spiritual upheaval and realignment. Am I content? I could say yes. I accept my sexuality, and I realize that my spiritual journey is just beginning. So, for now at least, I can say that I am happy. (Plus the fact that I'm getting a new puppy this summer!)

However, my happiness is of no concern to the rest of the world. In fact, it seems that the world is growing more and more dim as I type this. I hate to have to address this issue, but it must be dealt with, not just by adults, but by us - the future of our own existence. The recent shootings by teens our age, first Columbine, now Conyers. It has nothing to do with stricter gun laws or useless attacks on Marilyn Manson (personally, I love his music and think he is extremely talented), but it is the result of a loss of personal responsibility and a growing apathy towards growing. We view our society in the light of the "technological age", but we gain nothing if we undergo a stagnation of basic values and morals. Computers cannot make us be honest, and Marilyn Manson cannot make us be hateful. Ultimately, WE are the ones that lose hope and decide to punish others for our own weakness. No one can make someone do that. Society is losing faith. Faith in everything, except for money and power. We don't really trust anyone, and we don't really want to do anything about it. Society has become lazy, neglecting that which should be held most precious: the children.

Like it or not, WE are the future of our delicate world. As cliched as that statement is, it is nonetheless true. Right now, the future ain't looking too bright. IT IS UP TO US TO CHANGE SOCIETY. Our parents can't do it for us, they had to do it when they were young. They don't have the same potential fire as we do. It's up to us to rebuild the bridges of trust that our parents burned down. We must live in an "enlightened age", not a "technological age". Remember, our actions form the basis for the future actions of our offspring. TRUST AND COMMON SENSE ARE TWO OF THE MOST USEFUL TOOLS FOR ANY CIVILIZATION! Get real, people!


And adding to post-Star Wars hype: May the Force be with you!

Luv y'all,


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