June 1999

Well it is now May and spring has officially dumped enough rain on Alberta to keep us floating on the water for at least few months now. In my last article I wrote that I was going down to see my long distance boyfriend for the second time. Well that turned out to be very very um what's the word, interesting(?) I managed to get an expensive speeding ticket on the only highway I think in this province that has nothing along it. There are no towns, no gas stations, just nothing for 128km or 80miles depending on which side of the border or what you're on. I don't understand where the government finds the money to finance two police officers to sit for hours along a highway and wait for someone like me to tear by. I was the only car that I had seen for an hour so I think it would be safe to assume that driving a little bit fast wouldn't really pose a risk to anybody else, correct? Anyway so I got pulled over and happily forked over a large chunk of cash, and then proceeded to speed off again. Anyway I did manage to get to my boyfriend's town in one piece, a half hour late though mind you because the cops kept me for a whole 25 minutes. How's that for efficiency? 25 minutes to write up a stupid ticket.

Anyway... I met my boyfriend and we went for dinner and a movie, and then we went running around the town. We sat at a playground till like 1:30am and I took him home. Unfortunately for both of us his mother had decided to wait up for him. I ask you, he is 18 and I'm pretty sure knows how to get home and it was a Friday night so I don't understand the humoungous deal of him coming home at 2am. Anyway the next morning, my BF called me at my hotel and said he would give me a ring at 10am. I said alright and said bye. 10am came and went. So did 11, and 12noon. I finally got a call from him at like 1pm. He was in tears. I asked what had happened? He said amidst the sobbing that his parents had basically interrogated him for three hours as to where he was last night, who he was with and what did he do. They basically forbade him to see me and to even say goodbye to me but they eventually let him call me to tell me this "happy" news. I got pissed off so bad I punched the night table in the hotel room and broke it. I guess it wasn't that good of a table... Anyway, I managed to regain my composure and asked him to put his parents on the phone. Mind you I didn't know what the hell they had said, but all I knew was that if they made him cry, an 18 year old, they must have said some words that I wasn't gonna stand for.

First off I got to speak to the lovely homophobic, Bible-thumping mother. Oh that was fun. I'm supposedly the greatest evil in her eyes it seems. She said that I was the reason that my BFs grades were falling in school and that I spent too much time on the phone with him. She also forbade me to ever come to their small town. I told her that would happen only if the premier of the province passed a law stopping me from going anywhere in my province, especially to a national park town, and no it's not Banff. I must say I was mildly amused by her ignorant and arrogant attitude. Let's just say that I in the end asked her if I could still call my bf. She said no. I asked if I could call him when he is done with school. No again. So I said, "What will it take for you to understand that I'm not out to use him (my bf)?" Again the ignorance came back, and she got all "Oh I can't deal with this." So I asked to speak to my BFs dad. Well! I thought that the mother was ignorant! The father takes the cake for being the most hypocritical, backward, horseblinder-wearing, narrow-minded, snake in the grass, ignorant, two faced, and arrogant bastard I've ever spoken to. He started out by asking what kind of relationship I had with his son. I told him I like him and that I am gonna like him for a long time. His father thinks that I'm out to use my boyfriend and dump him in six months or something. I told the father, that if I wanted to use somebody I sure as hell wouldn't drive close to six hours to do it. He then started quoting statistics of all things saying that I'm going to die of AIDS and that I will kill his son.

Uh, reality check. I work for a company that requires mandatory testing for not just AIDS but all diseases due to international involvement, so I blew that idiotic crap out of the water. I then proceeded to tell him that I also haven't slept with someone in ... well let's just say a long time. Most of my friends call me the born again virgin because of this, but oh well. I decided to wait for the right guy and I've found him. The father then went on with his rant and called me a sexual predator, saying that I was out to use his son and nothing more. That hurt, but wait it gets better! He then threatened to call the RCMP (Canadian equivalent of well a national police force) on me and have me charged as a predator, and that he would have them trace me back to my home town here in Alberta. Well wouldn't that be great if the cops showed up at my workplace or something? Yeah, that would be just great. So yeah, that was my exciting Saturday. I finally had to say goodbye to my boyfriend on the phone. So I just started to cry and kept crying for a good two hours that day. I finally fell asleep clutching my boyfriends journal which he'd had given me that day. In it he had written that he truly loves me for everything I am. I thought that I would never see him again after what had happened that day.

I was awoken in my hotel room at midnight by a call from my boyfriend. He was at his grandma's house and the parents were pretending like nothing had happened. He told me the best news so far that day: they were going to let me see him to say goodbye on Sunday. I was so tired from crying that I just couldn't say anything to that except I love you to him. I know seems dumb but I was just exhausted that day. So the next morning I went and picked him up and finally came face to face with his mom. I was dressed pretty good and made the right impression by being all "normal" and I said hello and that kind of thing and then we went for breakfast which took four hours. I finally dropped my boyfriend off at home and headed back to my town. Had a completely uneventful drive and I was so tired when I got home I just threw everything out of the car into the house, went to my room and just fell asleep. My bf called me at about 9 Sunday night and said that nothing had changed and that he still loves me. So dear reader, if you have managed to get to this point, you're either thinking what the hell am I doing still with this guy who's parents are verging on dictatorial/psychotic? Why do I drive almost 6 hours to see him? I guess I'm just in love.

I guess I'm asking for advice in a situation like this. Notice that I keep asking for advice? Well I'm not one who usually asks for help cause I'm a very stubborn individual in most things. So again dear reader what does one do in a situation like this? Send flowers to the parents asking for understanding? Forgiveness? No forget that last one as I haven't done anything wrong, at least in my viewpoint. If anybody can shed some light on this problem of the parents seemingly hating me it would be much appreciated.

Thanks for reading and if you have suggestions, and ideas email me at lucid909@hotmail.com.



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