Ken Melanson

June 1999

"It's been a long road...but I'm still going strong"

Well hello everyone!!! My god its been along time since I've done an article here on Oasis...my god! Well it's great to be back. I guess I should fill you in on some things that have happened since I stopped writing.

Well I'm 21 now. I'm working full time for the university which I currently attend, St. Mary's University. I work as a systems analyst in the ITSS department. They pay isn't that great, but oh well, I enjoy it. I haven't graduated yet. I should've in May, but because I was sick so much this year, I missed a lot of assignments and some profs weren't too nice about letting me off, even with an excuse, so I failed a lot of courses. Which sucks, but now I'm appealing it to the academic senate to get a ruling on whether they can actually do that, with the fact that I have a medical excuse.

In my personal life, I've decided to move to Alberta. In fact in February, I went to Alberta for vacation. It was the greatest time I've ever had in my entire life!!! I enjoyed meeting everyone out there that I had been talking too in #gaycalgary and #gayedmonton on efnet irc. I didn't get to meet everyone in Edmonton I wanted too, but, I'm sure when I go back, I'll be able to see them. Since I'm moving there, it won't matter anyway, cause I'll see them everyday. In fact I want to send a special hello to two people in Calgary that I miss the most, and who were very sweet too me, Rob and Brent. They let me stay with them for a while, and were such great people, and great friends to me. I miss you both a lot and I love ya dearly. I also want to say hello to a special person in Edmonton, I think he knows who he is. I stayed with him for 5 days, I don't wanna mention his name, but I want him to know, that...well I miss him very much and he's always in my thoughts.

I did enjoy my trip to Alberta though...so much so that when I returned, I found I was very depressed and sad. In fact I ended up crying for the first two days of being home, cause I wanted to go back. Rest assured though, I will be. I'm saving up money as I type this.

What else is going on? Oh yeah! I'm involved with the pride committee here in Halifax, doing up some youth events for pride. Unfortunately we got off to shaky and rather late start, but things are moving fast and we're working hard to put on the best pride we can. If you want to know more about this year's pride, check out the 99 Halifax Gay Pride webpage, at http://www.chebucto.ns.ca/CommunitySupport/HPC/.

Well I should check out for now...thanks for reading. If you want to know more about me, my webpage will soon be complete, you can check it out at Http://husky1.stmarys.ca/~K_melans/ or email me at K_melans@stmarys.ca.

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