June 1999

What's My Age Again?

Wow. A whole year of college gone. I can't believe it. I'm officially an old fart. I can honestly remember looking at college kids, even a couple years ago, and praying I didn't end up a philosophizing java-head like so many of them I saw. So far, I don't drink coffee and I'm not quite learned enough to start philosophizing anything important, so for you grade-schoolers out there don't worry, I'm not one of them!

An Intellectual To The End

My grades weren't exactly up to par this year. I mean, I ended up above a 2.5 but it just wasn't quite the 3.0 that my dad was hoping for. We've currently enacted the 'don't ask, don't tell' policy at my home regarding grades. He knows I didn't make dean's list and I know that as long as no-one mentions grades my personal safety remains. A nice, healthy relationship on the ice. Ahh, nothing quite like it. For some reason I had a lot less stress in college than when I come home for extended periods of time.

A Little More Boring, Please

Hey everybody, guess what? I've got another major thing coming up in my life right now, and AGAIN I can't tell what it is. Maybe I need to start doing some more mainstream activities. Anyways, what it is will take me away for most of this month and part of next, which translates to you all in my July column being written in about a week. Stretched for ideas? Yes, I think so.

Mike's Words of Advice

  1. Be one of the first to leave your dorm room at checkout time. The last sucker there has to clean all the accumulated junk from the room before he leaves.
  2. Bring a hat with you when you go to a new place to get a haircut... the results will never be pretty.

Question of the Month

Last month's question had an awesome response! Thanks guys. Most were in favor of being born on the island and living there for life. Some noted that they wouldn't want to be put on the island after having lived in society for so long. I also had a few requests that I be on the island with them. I'm sure that would just be for the heated, passionate, intelligent conversations that would entwine us every day, right? Sure. So here's this month's:

Would you rather live on a resort island with beaches everywhere you look but have little to no entertainment other than what's already there OR live in a city constantly surrounded with people but little to no nature to be found?

This is coming from a semi-country boy so I'm pretty curious to find out what people think. Just take a minute to send an email that says what you think. It can be an easy one-word answer like 'city' or 'beach.' Not asking for much here folks. It'll take two minutes. Send it to the email address below. Thanks.

Late for the Door

All right people. This is really fun; now that I've finished this month's column, I have to already start on next month's. Once I get back to school I'll have some better stuff to write about. 'Till then...


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