June 1999

Happiness Once More

I haven't really considered myself happy in a while. Besides the hardships and such that is in my normal life, there's absolutely nothing to do! No kids live in my neighborhood, and as for school kids, I go to a MAGNET school. For those that don't know, a magnet school is a school that has a few special programs for out-of-towners. So that means all my school friends are in another town and I rarely can convince either parent to drive me anywhere.

But then I have my online friends, whom I appreciate greatly and wish to remain friends with , but it's not as good as having a kid right in front of you. But now I'm finally getting around! I don't think my family has been out of state more then twice -- with me -- but we go to different places within the state. When you read this I'll have already have been to Key Largo for a weekend, Disney for a day, Florida Apopka Springs for two weekdays, and during the summer I might be going to my aunt's farm in Ohio. So once I'm on and have done these trips, I won't have to complain too much longer.

The End

This school year has gone by extremely fast for me; and I don't mind pushing it along to hurry up the process. The eighth grade was not good to me at all, and now it's finally going to be in my past. How's high school going to be though, starting off from the bottom of the ladder and working for four years to get back on top, only to leave for college and spend another four years trying? See, that's another problem I have, I think too globally. Never thinks about the present always the future. But, I already know that I can't lose it so...

Anger is Good...For Me

I lived a good portion of my life in anger and regret, but now it's getting better. But what if I don't want it to? I find that I'm most creative, most verbal, and most self-likable when I'm angry, so what do I do? For the years I wished that it would go away, I just want it to be with me for a while, maybe all my life. I almost can't imagine walking through a day without something to be angry at. I'll just have to wait and see.

You know guys and gals, you've been very good to me so now I want to give back. Enjoy : http://www.chawni.com/midis/meant.mid

Thanks everyone, until next column,


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