Letter from the Editor -- June 1999

What's the deal with the next version of Oasis?

I continually get asked this, and I wish I had more to say on the subject. The truth is, I'm overextended, and Oasis is something I fit in between other work I do.

That doesn't mean there won't be a revision, just that it will happen on the timeframe my free time allows.

The goal is still to get Oasis running as a daily magazine, with regularly updated content with more people than me able to access and publish the information. Someone is working on the look and feel of the redesign, and then we will have to marry the database to those templates and then build out an engine to let people access the system. That will all take time.

Beyond that, we're also planning to separate the content of Oasis out a little more. We'll be adding themes to issues. And make the columns more navigable, considering readers don't have much indication of what they're about to read when they click a name. I also want to separate out people who write thematic columns as opposed to people who write monthly diaries. Not that one is better than the other,

I've also been having issues with doing the Profiles in Courage. As you'll notice we've had the same one for three months now. Schedule's just been crazy, and it's actually easier to set up celebrities for the cover than interview teens for the profiles, because I can set up an interview with a celebrity three weeks in advance at a certain time.

Just some of the issues I've been facing with Oasis. Feel free to give me your opinions on what you want in the new redesign. There's still time to get them in.




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