Acclaimed Documentary To Air On PBS This Month

Beginning June 2 and throughout the summer, PBS stations around the nation will be airing the groundbreaking documentary, It's Elementary, for the first time.

At press time, eighty-nine stations in twenty-five of the top thirty markets are scheduled to screen this film. Debra Chasnoff, academy award-winning documentarian (for Deadly Deception: General Electric, Nuclear Weapons, and Our Environment, 1991), and producer Helen S. Cohen have created a platform for imparting critical thinking skills to children, and in so doing, teaching them not to hate.

The filmmakers report that a dozen stations are creating special programming to accommodate this broadcast. From Cincinnati to Boise to Syracuse there will be local wraparound shows that will incorporate discussions about discrimination based on sexual orientation in early education.

While religious political extremist organizations have pressured public television affiliates to refuse to screen the documentary, many stations have stepped forward to broadcast the film. Some, as in the case of the Detroit, Michigan station, have reversed their initial decision against screening and will premiere the film.

First released in 1996, the film has been shown nationally at nearly 500 teacher-training programs, as well as to thousands of educators. For more information on It's Elementary visit the web site at www.womedia.org.

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