Rectifying Religion

By Jon

Hi Oasis readers, this is my first article and hopefully one of many. First I want to tell you about myself my name is Jon and I live in Eastern Iowa. I work in Iowa City and have lived in Iowa about 6 years.

I am 35 years old. I am gay and really just came out to myself about a year ago, I have not told anyone in my family or my friends but I can tell it won't be long before I do come out. To tell you the truth I am tired of hiding things about myself and kind of look forward to being able to express the real me. One of the things I have newly discovered about myself is I love to write so I thought I would try writing an article to Oasis Magazine.

One thing that has been on my mind is Churches and being homosexual. I won't claim to know anything about this subject but would at least like to get people thinking about this subject. I believe in God but Churches in general is where the problem lies. Has anyone one else believed in God but had trouble with the Church.

Many guys I talk to online say they believe in God but not religion. I can see where they come from because I guess I feel the same way. I always thought the Church was a SAFE PLACE but in reality it is not the people I go to Church with say being gay is wrong but I know it is not wrong. It has taken me a long time to realize this and really be able to say, 'Wait a minute, I am gay and I am proud of it.' I have gone to a support group and they really helped me out on that one.

Many guys have said that they don't believe in God or that they are not sure about God at all. Let me say one thing I do know God loves each and every one of us and I really hope you all believe me on this one. One other thing guys is that before I went to the support group I never would have said I am proud to be gay but Yes readers I am proud of being gay. I hope sometime in the not too distant future everyone will accept everyone gay lesbian black white hispanic etc. Then maybe we all can concentrate on dealing with other issues of the world instead of why some one is gay.

In closing I just would like to say I hope this article has inspired people to think about this subject, I would ask you all if you do email me to please let me know if you do believe in God and do you go to Church. Also I have ICQ my number is 7694949 and AOL instant messenger JPJ82. My email address is jjia@geocities.com looking forward to hearing from you all and take care of yourselves


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