"My Wish"

By Devon Baker, Akash57675@aol.com

I know it's wrong to be jealous
But then again, who can control a heart?
All I know is I love you,
And it's driving me crazy.
Why does it seem that when you love someone;
They always love somebody else?
Why does it seem your best friend
Is always the lucky one?
The one who gets your love to notice them
Rather than you?
I know it's wrong to be jealous
But I can't help it.
And I can't keep my mind off you
I haven't felt this way in so long.
But now that I feel it again; I'm scared
And I don't know what to say or do.
And I wish that there was a way
To let you know just how I feel.
Without the risk of loosing your friendship.
I love you so much
It's been going on like this
For so long.
And I wish,
That you could feel the way I do
I wish
You could love me too.

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