Two Poems by Chris



I know you are out there
and deep within your being is an
urge so strong
you yearn to find me
as I, you

We are meant for
each other, two
souls intertwined for all of
e t e r n i t y
two hearts tied together
beating in perfect rhythm

How I crave to explore
the depths
and peaks
of your soul
the essence of

I want to
hug you
hold you
kiss you
stare deeply into
your eyes
enthralled with passion

We will embrace each other
one day I promise
and until
that day
keep searching for me
as I, for you



I feel so empty inside
Yet I am also bursting with emotions

I want to cry
I want to scream
I want to love

But why
But when
But who

There is nothing, no reason, nobody
except the urge
deep within

Chris is a high school junior in West Central Florida. He can be reached at hola883@hotmail.com.

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