heat always rises from my cheeks
but you can't always tell
cause my skin gets that earthen
darkness with the candlelight glow.

but my eyes always give it away,
as if you'd expect anything less...

and you know you've begun melting me
when I make the traces of the grout in the tile
with my invisible gaze, looking over your shoulder
only closing my lids,
when you get close enough to take me.

Your fingers bring me back
to the reason I adore you-
yes, still, steady-
and you capture my weakness with
such kisses on the small of my chin,
enough away to tease me,
have me come to you,
pull away.

Smells of melted wax always
remind me, how you give
ceremony to this body, which gave you rapture,
which I so many times cursed, in my rush to un be
Yet you showered me with absolute affirmation
and never once uttered a word...

You are all of me.


11.6.97 sandra

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