Album Review: Fisher, "One"

By Christopher Caldwell

You may not have heard of Fisher. You may have missed out completely on the Great Expectations soundtrack album and the standout track "Breakable". You probably won't find Fisher on VH1 or MTV. You're not likely to find them on the listening rack at your local record megastore. But don't miss out on Fisher's stunning independent debut, "One", available only via the 'net.

Love is a major theme on the album, and several different aspects of it are explored. "I will love you", is an unabashedly tender declaration of undying devotion. Its quiet, elegant charm and the vulnerability underlying Fisher's vocals give the song an understated, heartbreaking sweetness. "Six Hundred 66" is a darkly compelling track that compliments "I will love you" by displaying the emotional undertow inherent in the kind of love that consumes. Fisher's tight vocal control and her excellent mastery of phrasing gives the song an edgy, dangerous feel, while lyrics like "I'll sell my soul -- I've nothing left to lose" give the listener insight into the darker side of love.

My favorite song on the album, "Had To" deals with the pain of being forgotten by a former lover. The confessional tone and emotionally taut vocals display both a revealing vulnerability and an embattled grace that is complimented by the deceptive simplicity and elegance of the instrumentation. "Had To" also features one of the most clever lines I've heard lately, lamenting being forgotten, Fisher lashes out at her former lover, "I can recall every face I've ever kissed/How did I fall on your 'Miss Miscellaneous' list?".

Not all of the songs on "One" are about love. "Hello it's me" offers a wry commentary on the Music Industry. "Hello, it's me - the girl you had to have/ Number Twelve - remember me?" asks Fisher (Breakable was track number 12 on Great Expectations) with tongue-in-cheek frustration. "Never Say Never" has a spunky, devil-may-care attitude, while "The Life" is an admonition to stars who claim to grow "weary" of their fame.

If there is any complaint to be made about "One", it's that the album is too short. The 9 tracks leave the listener hungry for more. Still, buying "One" is a smart decision. Fisher won't wind up on your Miss Miscellaneous list.


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More information about Fisher can be found at their website, http://www.RAWfish.org

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