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I had the opportunity about a week ago to see the musical known as RENT. At first I thought skeptically. I thought it would be just a thing to watch for 3 hours and get nothing from it. But it turns out I was proved wrong.

What I saw completely blew me away. The music, mentality and message of this show is awe-inspiring. Skeptics will say it is nothing more than a humorous and musical portrayal of certain lifestyles, but it is so much more. RENT conveys a message of hope, determination and perseverance that I have rarely seen so enthusiastically brought about in any form of media.

Yes, the show is not your typical musical, but rather deals with situations and problems common in today's society. It talks about AIDS, homosexuality, homelessness and suicide. Instead of trying to create a facade and make these things appear not so bad, it presents them in a realistic light, which makes it all the more respectable.

The songs are beautifully constructed. With titles such as Will I?, Seasons of Love, We're Okay and I'll Cover You, they clearly portray a sense of need, of love, and of uncertainty about the future.

If you ever get to see the show, many of you will find yourselves crying. I did. It overwhelms the audience with an incredible wave of emotion. It can lead you on a journey of discovery, and help you to find certain qualities and emotions you never thought you had. But most importantly, it can make you realize you are a beautiful and wonderful person just the way you are. That you don't have to hide behind walls to be accepted. There has rarely been an experience like it.

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