Lincoln Ho

July 1999

Hi everyone! Ok, I'll never get this stupid quote so I'll give up on it.

After finally getting three exams over with, I have just a little time to write my Oasis column. Hopefully, the editor being as nice as he is will let me send the column in for the July issue.

Anyway, I'll begin with another excerpt from my book. This one is about a crush I no longer have a crush on but I'll type it out anyway.


...is the other major crush, though Eric is still my biggest crush. Ian, at the time was a bigger crush than Eric but Eric overpowered him again.
Anyway, I first met Ian one fateful evening around November. He wore this huge black jacket, he was tall, nice hair, and really good looking. He helped me out with cleaning after parade at cadets because I was the duty sergeant that day.

A few weeks later at a fun night at cadets, I really got to know Ian, I mean really got to know him. That night, he chose me as his partner over his friend that he usually hangs around with, I was excited but I didn't want to be too obvious so I managed to control my hormones. That night was a very memorable night and I still remember what we did. First, I fed him with my mouth and that was enough to get me off. Second, I got to hold his hands in this relay. And third, we were passing a ball in a circle using our head and neck and when he was giving me the ball, it slid down and I went to get it, taking the advantage of going down his chest and smelling his wonderful scents.

Since that night, I've had him as a huge crush and at the time, Ian was a huger crush over Eric. I couldn't stop thinking about him. Everywhere in my binder and my books, Ian's name was in it wherever you looked. I like Ian at the same intensity but Eric just shares more interests as me over Ian and maybe that's the reason why I like Eric more than Ian.

Ian also knows I like him because of either Sgt. Conway or Sgt. Lo. One of them told him but it doesn't seem to surprise him or something because he started a small conversation with me at break one day."

That was the excerpt from my book and things have changed. I do remember the night but it doesn't mean much to me anymore, though there could be arguments against that. Ever since that time, Ian has not showed up at cadets. Unverified reports say that he got suspended from school and when I did the call arounds for cadets, he wasn't allowed to answer the phone. No, I don't mind what becomes of people but because he shows no commitment at cadets (or just can't come), I've lost interest in him totally. A few hours after I mailed out my June column for Oasis, my own personal belongings were invaded. This is talking about my website of course for those that don't know. My website was deleted and replaced with gay pornography. I didn't really pay attention to what was really on the page cuz I quickly went back into Geocities and deleted everything. Then a week later, the person hacked into my pictures site, which luckily was a separate site and wrote swears all over it and my log in and passwords to my e-mail accounts and websites. Ever since then, I took my site off for about a month and changed all my e-mail accounts. Oasis readers are the few that will get my other e-mail account to write to me. And please do. I love reading different points of view and discussing philosophical topics. And also please visit my webpage and sign my guestbook. I need to rebuild the number of entries in there.

In other things, I wrote this letter to Eric asking him how he felt about me. He hasn't replied yet but I sure made a big mistake there giving it to him. Anyway, e-mail me to find out more about that.

Have a great summer guys! And good luck on all your exams! And also visit my website @ http://i.am/lincolnho and SIGN my guestbook! Have great parties and sex if you want to. Just BE SAFE no matter what you do.

Lincoln Ho
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