Jason Lyons

July 1999

Here a lemming, There a lemming, Everywhere a lemming...

Hold onto your Hilfigers, Kiddies, I'm coming out of a closet. And not just for a shower and shave, this time. As I say the words and do the deed, pay attention. After three years of silence and cover ups, I'm finally saying it here and now; I'm an Individual. Oh my god, you say, I had no idea. Don't cry or head for the tissues. Let me explain.

You see I'm tired of the bashing and criticism being thrown at Alternative Queer Youth. Queers being snubbed by other Queers because of personal interests. Whether it be Football (for the game not the jocks), Rodeos, Heavy metal music, or Bluegrass pickin' (the music, not a weed eater), it doesn't matter, these are interests that make people individuals.

These interests keep their lives, as well as yours, interesting and exciting.

Consider for a moment if every Queer person on this here Blue Green Sphere, were Gym Bunnies. Wouldn't that be great. There could be one mainstream Queer Gym Franchise, where we could all meet and admire each other for hours on end, day after day. Sounds exciting? I'll pass. I'd rather listen to Michael Stipe on my CD player than see him posing in a thong. I'm also pretty sure that Ellen re-runs are better than watching her perform on a rowing machine. And then on top that there would be no Oasis, cuz Jeff would be at the gym. Perish the thought.

But on the other hand we could all be Ravers, sucking on our pacifiers and climbing to new of Ecstasy together. That way, months down the road when we come out of our elation long enough for some breakfast and a shower, and happen to glance at a newspaper, we can find out that our new president is Pat Buchanan! No thank you.

Are you picking up on what I am saying, Kiddies? There are those that would feel relief if we repressed our individuality. That way they won't have to deal with Queer politicians, priests, shamans, football players, actors, singers, plumbers, doctors or authors.

Do everyone a favor the next time a friend shows interest in something that isn't the latest Queer craze. Don't save them from themselves. Instead encourage their individuality. Ask to be a part of their new experience or just stand smiling at the side lines.

So what about the closet I was coming out of? Thought I'd forgotten? Nope. I'm proud to be an Industrial Rock listenin', Prep dressin', weight liftin', science fiction lovin', Soccer watchin', rollerbladin', pagan, bisexual author. Don't be a lemming, be you.


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