July 1999

Pride 1999

Well this is the first column that I'm late in submitting an article for. I guess I really should pay attention to dates and stuff like that. I do have an excuse though the 15th of this month was the three month anniversary for my boyfriend and I. We still talk way too much on the phone and things are going alright. His parents, well we've managed to work around them, so I guess things are alright in that respect.

Now onto the topic of the article... Although I think again this is going to be a bit of a rambler... It is now the final year of the millennium and I guess I want to talk about what gay (this includes every person who considers themselves gay, lesbian, bisexual, etc.) people have managed to get for themselves. I guess in the last 20 years or so gay people have come a long way. From getting spousal benefits to being able to marry I think it is worth the struggle that we all have to endure some days. Maybe next millennium there won't have to be a Gay Pride celebration, because by then maybe we will have a Human Pride celebration instead where humanity celebrates its diversity rather than extinguish or hamper those who are unique. This year I'm going to my second Pride day, and it isn't in my town as I don't want to well be outed by some freak chance. I guess you can say I'm not ready for people at work, or others who still don't know to find out that I'm gay...

I guess this month this is a pretty lame article but I promise next month I'll write about the whole Pride Day that I'm going to so that should make up for the lack of context this time around...

Will I be able to keep a picture of my boyfriend on my desk without repercussions next millennium? Only time will tell I guess...

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