Craig Perry

July 1999

Well here I go again. I'd like to thank everyone who wrote me these past few weeks. My e-mail has never been so full of well thought-out and interesting messages. I usually just get loads of junk mail. So thank you everyone, I really appreciate your comments and opinions. I value them as much as I do my own.

I've found through reading your replies to my last column, that many of you were offended by me comparing homosexuals to murderers and other such criminals. I sincerely apologize for offending people with this comment. I can see now that it was the wrong choice of words, and I hope that it is possible to forgive me for saying such a thing. I am sorry. My intent with this comment was to say that God considers all sin to be the same, no matter what it is. That is all I was trying to communicate. I do not believe gay people are criminals of any kind. Gay people are some of the nicest and most understanding people I have met, and I am glad to say that I am friends with many. I also did not intend my column to be discouraging to anyone. It is my opinion on life and if it is not yours I am going to do nothing to convince you of it further. I just felt, personally, that I was being led by God to voice my beliefs.

I have discovered that most of you who e-mailed me regarding my article, believe in God. I'd like to throw out a few questions to you.

1) Why do you believe in God? Is it because of religious tradition? Has there been evidence to you that God does exist? Do you truly feel that there is a God that loves you?

2) If you do believe in God, then what do you believe is true about Him? Many of you have stated that you do not believe that the Bible is entirely accurate. If you do not believe in what the Bible says about God, how do you know God?

3) Do you believe in the same God I do? I believe in the Christian God. The God that is described as enduring throughout eternity in at least 3 distinctly different ways, as God (Who remains in heaven and who has created all things), as Jesus (God who was incarnated as a man and died for us), and as the Holy Spirit (God living in us). All are the same God, but revealed to us through different ways. I also believe that the Bible gives us the only true picture of who God is. I wish to ask you, if you believe in God, then which God do you believe in?

Many of you wished to know, is it possible to be gay and love God? My answer to this is yes of course. Anyone can love God, and God loves everyone. Also you wished to know if one would still go to heaven if they were gay? Well the bottom line is this, if you sin you go to hell, if you are perfect you go to heaven. Sound harsh? Well I guess it maybe, but God knows this and if you believe He has the power to forgive your sins, and that you believe that He died as a sacrifice for that same purpose, then God is faithful to his promise and will forgive all your sins, and then you will be perfect in His eyes.

I would like to challenge all who read this to really search for God and try and discover what you believe. If you do know what you believe then I welcome you to share it with me. If you are still searching, I challenge you to ask God to reveal himself to you. From what I can see, there cannot be different types of God. The Bible says that God does not change. If we believe in the same God, then we must all believe the same things about Him.

Otherwise we believe in different gods.

Craig Perry
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