July 1999

Crackhead Johnnie's Big Anti-PC List Of Stuff I Hate

By Tom, an in-the-closet gay boy in Indiana.

1. Society: Society sucks. What kind of society would drive a 16 year old teen to put a .357 to his head and pull the trigger?

2. People who bad mouth foreigners: Just because they don't wear your clothing and speak your language don't give you no reason to bad mouth them. You're only mad cause they're better than you.

3. The kind of people who harass US, you know gay teens. I mean if I know you're not gay, I ain't gonna ask you out or harass you. so you know what I say, you're just one of those LATENT HOMOSEXUALS.

4. Vacuum cleaners: Loud, noisy and when my mom's cleaning the house I can't hear the TV. And they literally suck too.(imagine this, you need to get sucked so you use the vacuum cleaner and you get it stuck on your thing, imagine walking into a doctor's office with mothers and their children with a vacuum hose sticking out of you jeans.) Embarrassment of a life time.

5. Hicks/Rednecks: no explanation needed.

6. Rap: Basically, it's a bunch of guys who can't sing telling me how life sucks in the ghetto. Shit, I could write a rap song, I'm from 42'nd and German Church Road. Don't even start with me about the ghetto.

7. Posers: Enough said

7A. Posers who say they are in a band but you no they aren't because every time you ask them what they're band name is they change the subject.

8. People like me. People like me are complete assholes, who just complain about shit cause I ain't got nothing better to do. FUN IN A BOX.

9. The BMV ok. I went to the BMV a while back and I took a number from the guy sitting at the desk, it read "59", then I looked up at the number display, it said, "now serving #4" Aww, crap. I left and went to work, I worked for about 2 hours, and then came back. "Now serving 30" Great. I go to Wendy's for dinner. and then I come back, now serving 56, 57 , 58... cool I'm finally up. I go up to the lady and she hands me a stack of forms.

10. Freshmen: no explanation needed.

11. Annoying Smart People: Like this girl in one of the Spanish classes. I'm barely getting a C and this bitch has the nerve to go and complain to the teacher that she want's here 99.6% rounded up to 100%. I'm like, you stupid bitch, if I weren't so lazy I'd chuck a brick at you.

12. Hardcore Christians. The kind that don't want nudity or any sexual reference on TV, no violence on TV, no violent video games, more educational television. NO MORE FUN! If they had there way, we'd all be Amish.

13. PUbLik EjuKashun. I weely suport publick ejukashun

14. Fumage (not the Newsletter cause it kicks ass) I'm talking about the kind that people emit from their 7th planet (you know the one). It's when that person has had chili and they let everyone know it.

15. School government at least the mass dictatorship and censorship. It's complete bullshit. It's a complete fucking dictatorship. if they don't like it, it doesn't happen.

*Bonus 1: Freedom of something or other. I don't remember the exact name, but it has to do with the fact that if some one doesn't like something they can say it's harassment, and it has to be gotten rid of. EXAMPLE: A guy I know was handing out flyers for his band. it had a big skull on it with some "stuff" on it, they said that it looked like a Swastika. Well it clearly didn't , but the fact is,( not as if I ever will, I hate Nazis{bunch of socialist pricks})but if I'm gonna have a Giant fucking swastika or a big upside down cross on a piece of paper I'm gonna have one, even if some son of a bitch doesn't like it. If he/she don't like it They don't have to look at it.

* Bonus 2 My spelling ability if your this far you already know about my spelling.

If you don't like what I have to say, e-mail me at ukgrid@hotmail.com and we'll "chat."

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