July 1999

Hello again and welcome to another article about the life and views of one Tommy Ersatz. Well, I would have liked to have had a seamless track record, but oh well. Next month will be my first anniversary with Oasis. So, I am sort of proud of myself. Normally I'm a very, very reserved person that doesn't speak too much. But Oasis has given me the chance to let out all the rage and whatnot that has been built up inside of me. So let's see what's happening this month.

American Pie

Being the month of American independence, I expect that some of you are waiting for some rants about how screwed this country is. Well, I am not going to disappoint you then.

I think the most obvious and ironic claim of this country is that this is 'The Land of the Free'. Bullshit. This is the land of racism, sexism, hate, greed, and a bunch of other really bad things. I know that everyone is plagued by some sort of inner monster, no matter how unimportant it is, so they are always battling with themselves. Possibly later on they get into a battle with someone else. Who knows? Point being, you ain't free until you can stop bickering about the details and look at the larger picture.

Now, my focus turns to the "future" of America, the children. Ah, the sweet innocent children. Once again, Bullshit. Sweet and innocent some may be, but few kids are actually childish. Now are youngin's are learning from dear old ma and pa. Suicide, murder, and gun control seem to have been a popular class. Don't take all these arguments incredibly seriously, for I am a full blown pessimist. Let's talk now about Colorado. Littleton perhaps. I'll use this city as an example. There have been too many school shootings for comfort, and everyone knows that this is terrible. And you know they know by the full-time coverage they get. First the country cries and whines, then they blame, and then they get over it. Must have been an isolated incident. Wrong. But not just the gunners and parents are to blame. Let me inquire this -- do you honestly think people are targeted and shot for no reason? There may have been racism and hate involved, but how much do you think one person, a teen, can take throughout their entire life? Words sink in, and they obviously make an impact. And when words aren't there, actions speak louder. Getting kicked around, beat up, teased, embarrassed, made fun of, and joked about will make nearly anyone desperate. And desperate times call for desperate measures. Let it sink in. Then stop it. Then write a letter to the President telling him you now know what's wrong with this country: Everything.

On A More Personal Note...

OK, I have gotten a couple of e-mails that have asked me if I was gay. The senders were unsure because I hadn't mentioned it in the articles. Let me tell you why. I'm not gay. Well, I am, but I don't practice. You see, it's like a...ugh, religion. If you are born into it, but you don't go with it, are you still a member? Well, to me no. I still like other boys and am in the basic gay genre, but without a boyfriend, lover, or what have you, I go on with my supposedly normal life. If I'm not incorporating my gay side into something, then it's no longer a factor. Despite being gay having a huge influence on my life, it does nothing for or against me. I am homosexual, and plan to always be, but how gay can you be without some way of proving it? Now, I am almost guaranteed that many, many of you probably disagree with me, but this is real. This is how I feel about being gay. Just ask yourself if going into gay chats and sites makes you feel indefinitely gay. Then ask someone with a boyfriend if they like being gay because of the sites and feelings, or because of a love.

I'm glad I was finally able to get all of this out. I'd like your responses to my article as well so send them. Thanks for the interest,


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