July 1999

I got a hyperlink to this magazine from a friend and well, it seems really neat.

I guess I should get right to telling about myself. I'm 14 and bisexual. I live in Texas.

I just felt like talking about something that I've dealt with recently. I've gotten a lot of hate email from people who enjoy telling me that I'm going to "burn in hell" because I'm bi. I really hate this. I consider myself a good Christian and well, it bothers me that people try to put me down because bisexuals are so hated by the church. The hate email has stopped for the time being, but it has left me emotionally scarred. Oh, yeah.. getting to the moral: don't put down others because you don't know exactly how they will react to what you do or say.

Feel free to contact me at ebfan90@ureach.com

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