Letter from the Editor -- July 1999

Hmm, I never realized what kind of a system I had for putting Oasis together until my computer was in the shop this month, and I had to cobble this month's issue together without my normal arsenal of tools. My computer was supposed to be returned by now, so I didn't copy all of the time-saving programs I use to assemble Oasis, and it really put a dent into my ability to get this month's issue online.

But here it is.

The content of Oasis will be changing somewhat in upcoming issues. I'm trying to change what constitutes a cover story, and bring it closer to our demographic. In future issues, we will feature 30-year-old puppeteer Basil Twist as a cover story, as well as a new musician whom I personally believe is going to be huge. I'm always cagey about saying who will be on the cover until I've done the interviews, so I only mention Basil by name, since I already recorded his interview.

The idea is to not focus on best-selling authors as much, and bring our cover stories closer to our teens to twenties age range. That's not to say that it will be there exclusively, but I'm hoping you will see it there more often.

A common complaint received here at Oasis is that our covers are very male-dominated. I have tried to get more female writers to do cover stories, as well as tried to do them myself, but it is an issue I'm trying to resolve. As a gay man, I'm more aware of the male side of hot authors, books, music, etc. I've tried many times in the past to get a female editor to try and balance this, but it's never taken hold. If you think this is a position you want, let me know. My lesbian world, as it is, is harder to get for interviews, because it's all Melissa, Ellen, etc., and fewer 20-somethings doing music and writing. Please suggest cool cover stories and let's balance this out.

The other issue I've had is doing the Profiles in Courage section, mainly due to time constraints in my schedule. I encourage Oasis writers and other queer journalism students to please pick up the ball here and write about people doing interesting things. While I have had the time to write them, it's more difficult to actually set them up and do them, because it ends up being a lot of phone tag with the subjects, and I only have a narrow window of free time. When the subject is someone online, it gets much easier.

That's about it. I better stop writing and get this thing online.





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