New online magazine leads towards life of authenticity

Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders (GLBTs) and the people who care about them have a new source to turn to for support and factual information. The premier issue of Authenticity, an online magazine, is now on the World Wide Web. The publication can be accessed at <http://www.Authenticity.org>.

"Authenticity is the product of a collective effort between individuals interested in communicating positive, practical information to others who are in the coming-out process," said David Jackson, editor of the magazine.

The magazine features news articles and features of interest to the GLBT communities and regular columns addressing youth, family and spiritual interests. Readers can also send questions directly to the magazine. A recap of GLBT-related news from across the nation is updated weekly on the web site.

"When we began planning Authenticity we wanted to be a source of information not only for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders, but for their family members, too," said Eddie Miller, executive director and co-founder of the Norman Institute, which publishes Authenticity. The Institute, <http://www.NormanInstitute.org>, based in Kansas City, Mo., is a national nonprofit educational organization dedicated to providing factual information to individuals and families struggling with GLBT issues.

In the online magazine's premier issue, readers will find features on a lesbian couple's plans to have a baby; a look at orientational diversity; an examination of the need for legislation to address hate crimes; and a look back at lesbians who have helped to shape the past 100 years of world cultural history. News articles include a psychiatric group's refutation of "reparative" therapy as a way to change orientation; a new study about the health concerns of lesbians; and a review of the Norman Institute's accomplishments during its first year.

There are also interviews with Kirsten Kingdon, executive director of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG); and with two United Methodist ministers, Jimmy Creech and Greg Dell, who confronted church doctrine when they performed same-gender commitment ceremonies.

Among other features in Authenticity are the Open Door, a column by Dr. Terry L. Norman, co-founder of the Norman Institute and author of Just Tell the Truth: Questions Families Ask When Gay Married Men Come Out; The Spiritual Quest, a column dealing with the spiritual side of GLBT issues; and Spectrum Perspective, a regular column focusing on organizations serving the needs of GLBT minorities.

"Our goal with Authenticity is to offer readers the highest and most accurate translation of how people may become more aware and accepting of people who share diverse orientational backgrounds," said Jackson. He added that in order for this exchange to happen, the magazine's readership also has a part to play in the content of what is posted. Submissions to Authenticity are invited and welcome.

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