Betty DeGeneres launches new online advice channel

PlanetOut, the leading gay and lesbian online portal, recently announced that Betty DeGeneres, best-selling author and tireless civil rights spokesperson, will host a new online advice channel entitled "Ask Betty," at www.planetout.com/askbetty. The channel will offer advice based on questions submitted by online visitors and PlanetOut members.

In addition, visitors can post messages, listen to exclusive online interviews on PlanetOut Radio, take online surveys, and purchase Betty's Book "Love, Ellen: a Mother/Daughter Journey." Reach Betty at mom@planetout.com.

"I guess you could say I'm already a cybermom. So it seemed perfectly natural for me to extend my civil rights work to the digital domain via PlanetOut," said Betty DeGeneres. "I want to help lesbian, gay, bi, trans, and questioning youth (of all ages) make peace with their parents, just as I supported Ellen over 20 years ago. I hope to convey to parents the message that your gay children are still your children, who need your unconditional love now more than ever."

"When you meet Betty, you see your own mom," said Tom Rielly, founder and Chairman of PlanetOut. "You can't help it. She is an icon for millions of lesbian, gay, bi, and trans folks who see in her the parent they had (or wish they had) when they came out. "She's the perfect person to help our members with their parental and family issues. The only difference between Betty and the rest of our parents is that she happens to have 3 movie and TV stars as children."

"When we first met Betty, she adopted us," said Megan J. Smith, PlanetOut president and CEO. "As she's done for so many people, Betty provides that reassurance everyone wants from their parents."

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